/Bills Vs. Income (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Bills Vs. Income (Kindle Tablet Edition)

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Unpaid Bill Notifications
Optional “Easy Mode” that does not use Bank Accounts
No Decimal Points makes managing things simple and clean

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Bills Vs. Income (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Unpaid Bill Notifications
Optional "Simple Mode" that doesn't use Bank Accounts
No Decimal Issues makes managing things easy and blank
Google Power Backup/Repair
Sync Between More than one Units the usage of Google Power
Google Duties Implementation for Unpaid Expenses
More than one Occurrences for Expenses and Earning means that you can schedule each and every 'x' days/weeks/months/and the like.
Per thirty days Budgets that will let you simply enter and monitor transactions
Fast Finances Entry means that you can simply alter your Budgets with out typing
Retailer Web sites with each and every Bill and pay your Expenses in your telephone/pill

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