Our Prime Focus

Innovating with a Digital Mindset

Trader Skillz has developed a proprietary trade strategy which has proven to give our clients consistent gains while protecting initial capital investment. We have established our presence in the USA and UAE through out the globe by setting a standard of excellence. We strive for utmost excellence by researching all news feeds and charting daily to incorporate strategic moves into our trades . We take pride in our transparency and efficiency, giving our clients full access to our trading history, track records and results. Trader Skillz has been giving its clients continuous access to the Forex market, and various insured services involved in the Blockchain with our prime interest in Cryptocurrency trading, Real Estate Investment, Oil and Gas, Financial and Investment planning since 2014.

What We Do

We Provide Flexible Services

Trader Skillz is a company that guarantees seamless and safe access to the forex market regardless of existing market conditions. Throughout the years, we devoted best of our efforts to recruiting and retaining the most promising professionals out there. This is to make sure that you will always be able to enjoy most innovative services and an exclusive client support with the personal touch. Our focus is to support your growth and success by partnering with us. We invite you to come join our team for a lifetime passive earning opportunity.

Meet Our Director

OUR CEO (Fabio Hofmann)

Fabio Hofmann is founder and CEO of Traderskillz llc, a forex and stock trader with over 15 years experience in the business. He has been trading since 2004 within which he developed a proven strategy and has been able to teach his strategy to other successful traders with consistent results. Fabio has steered Trader Skillz from an early online trading pioneer to a leading facilitator of global capital market access, servicing individuals, private and institutional clients in so many countries. As CEO and one of the main shareholders, Fabio today continues to head the Trader Skillz he founded more than 5 years ago. Trader Skillz started its journey as a brokerage with Fabio, his wife and only a few employees, but quickly grasped the opportunities presented by the advent of the internet and the world at large. Mr Fabio has given a holistic knowledge of the financial industry. Fabiol is a family man from Uri, Switzerland , loves to travel and loves meeting clients. He loves to watch English football and plays golf to relax his brain . He likes the out doors and a friendly guy. Fabio is known by many people through private accelerated trade program or investments . He is known for his honesty and always delivers. You will love to meet Fabio.


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