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Trading like a pro, without needing the experience!

Trader Skillz is a company that guarantees seamless and safe access to the forex market regardless of existing market conditions.

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We support you every step of the journey, because we want you to grow.


How It Works

1. Superior Intelligence

We take advantage of algorithms and smart assistants to identify business relationships automated.

2.Easy Access

Add diversification to your investment portfolio by investing in our products with ease and transparency.

3. Security

Your funds are safe and sound, kept in segregated bank accounts and protected by industry-leading security protocols.

Why Choose Us

Why Meet Us Online

Professional Manager

The highly skilled and professional team has vast experience across various banking and finance sectors. Our managers are reliable, communicates effectively, and take responsibility for our actions

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Quick Support

Nothing should get in the way of making your best trade. With 24/5 support, a wealth of trading resources and a seamless account experience, you’re free to focus on what matters.

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Dedicated team

Our advanced risk-management protocols allow our trading team to scientifically calculate the risk of each trade prior to the trade being executed in the live market by one of our human trading team members

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Account Safety

World Markets offers 2-Factor Authentication, and military-grade encryption to prevent any account access breaches. All funds are also held with Tier-1 Liquidity Providers and Banks to ensure the highest levels of security on all fronts.

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what We Do

What We Offer for You

Taking time off your busy schedule is important; this is why we take care of the things that keep you busy.

  • Forex Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Partnership Planning
  • CBD
  • Real Estate

Currency Converter


Our technology allows for cannabis-related companies to fractionally sell equity in their business, or shares in crop futures, opening a new market for investors hungry to tap into the booming cannabis industry.

Farmers can chose to use our Open Source Leaf Area, Bud Area, and Count. Companies would be able to use Motion Logs to automatically track and record fertilization or spraying events on the blockchain system. This mean they can now build a seed-to-harvest focused offering of a Decentralized AI App and deploy as Compliant Smart Camera offering with ease.

These Open Source projects will double as workable instructions for developers to use the Crypto Smart Cameras and for the farmers to try our AI features out of the box. Cultivators can easily install and uninstall services from different 3rd party AI providers, without hardware or configuration changes. What we’re talking about is a platform for cannabis companies to monetize their data.

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