About Our Company

Trader Skillz has developed a proprietary trade strategy which has proven to give our clients consistent gains while protecting initial capital investment.

We have established our presence in the USA and UAE through out the globe by setting a standard of excellence. We strive for utmost excellence by researching all news feeds and charting daily to incorporate strategic moves into our trades . We take pride in our transparency and efficiency, giving our clients full access to our trading history, track records and results.

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About Our Process

Easy Access

We take advantage of algorithms and smart assistants to identify business relationships automated.We add diversification to your investment portfolio by investing in our products with ease and transparency.

Focus on Your Business

We Take Care of The Hard Work For You

we have put together some of the planet's best live trading protocols, paired with an expert team while tapping from the power of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Security

    Your funds are safe and sound, kept in segregated bank accounts and protected by industry-leading security protocols.

  • Privacy

    Trader Skillz is fully compliant with PCI Data Security Standards. We encrypt and protect your information, so you never need to worry.

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